Party Bookings

It is possible to book Edamame for private parties on Wednesday evenings.  Parties usually start at about 7pm, and they need to finish by 9pm to comply with the terms of our building's lease.  Unfortunately we are usually unable to take party bookings for any other time.

The maximum seating capacity is 30.  We have three larger tables that seat up to 7 fairly comfortably, and three small tables that seat up to 3.
There is no rental charge for the restaurant, however we request a minimum spend of £650 (+10% service) for the food - not including drinks.

The usual party format is as follows :
Guests are served with their own bowls of rice and miso soup.  Plates of main dishes are brought to the centre of each table to be shared.  As these plates empty we will bring more food until the pre-arranged selection of main dishes comes to an end.

We would need to meet well in advance of the party to discuss your menu requirements (selected mainly from the dinner menu),  In deciding upon the menu we would carefully factor in any special dietary preferences for particular members in your group.  We prefer to have the menu fully decided upon by the Sunday before the party night.

If you would like to discuss holding a party at Edamame please call 01865-246916 and ask to speak to Peter.